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Tanzschule Gabriela J. Mazzocco Aarau
We'll be dancing again starting February 12th!



Tanzschule Gabriela J. Mazzocco Aarau



Hi I'm Gabriel Numa!  (he/him)

Welcome to my dance school!

I Dancing is my way of standing up for equality, for freedom, for everyone to be who they really are and to inspire them to follow their passions and their calling. Dance allows us to express our emotions and lets us open each other’s hearts and let's us find healing.

We all are unique and precious, which is why we should cheer each other up to become the best versions of ourselves. I do believe in miracles and that the universe is limitless. Join me on my journey, through dance where we can find our purpose and healing. Together we are powerful, together we 'll make the world a better place. I'm excited to dance with you!


GET IN ToUCH with me!

Tanzschule Gabriela J. Mazzocco Aarau
Tanzschule Mazzocco

Küttigerstrasse 42
5000 Aarau
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